Double Decades

I can’t believe I’ve been away this long. Summer 2016 has officially escaped me and it’s awful! My 20th birthday was a little over a week ago and I’m finally getting the chance to tell you guys all about it. I’ve been itching to go visit my cousins, that live in Atlanta, for about four years now. I haven’t been down there since I was eight and my parents decided that since we had the time we’d do it this year. I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do on my birthday, I was just really excited to be able to spend it down in Atlanta. The Thursday that we got there was pretty relaxing. We went for lunch at this super cool Irish pub and then headed back to the house to go swimming. The following day was my birthday and all the girls took a trip to the mall and we had proper tea. Later that night we went out for my favorite meal, Hibachi, and shopped at this outdoor mall. Saturday was my cousins birthday and he’s the coach of his son’s baseball team. We went to the game and then back to the house for some swimming. (We totally swam a lot there). By Sunday we were eager to go explore more so we took a drive into the city because I wanted to check out the Coca Cola museum again and go to the aquarium. (Both of those are super fun and I recommend them 10/10) Ah, Monday we were homeward bound. Luckily our flight wasn’t until later that night so we went out for lunch and made the most of our last day.

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Summer Style: Men’s GQ Edition

This past month I decided to pick up the summer edition of GQ Style. Yeah, sure it’s a men’s magazine, but I often find myself drawn to the men’s section of stores anyway. Bonus! This month I found myself drawn to Sebastian Stan in a silk shirt. That’s another story though. Personally, I’m all for mixing around men’s and women’s clothing in one outfit. I’m not one for wearing a consistently tight ensemble. If I had a choice I’d wear black jeans, a white tee and a black leather jacket every single day.

I came across a section that featured some essential summer trends and needless to say I fell in love with just about all of them. The first being luggage. I’m a lover of travelling and my Longchamp tote has been a trusty sidekick of mine for years now. I’m always up for some new carry on pieces and thanks to Hermes, Tod’s and Berluti I’m inspired to plan another trip. Of course, they’re way out of my price range, but no one is stopping me from finding some rad knockoffs

Designer approved sunglasses? Yes, please! Sebastian Stan modelling those sunglasses? Bring it on! No, but seriously you guys these sunglasses are to die for. Tom Ford, Dior Homme and Paul Smith Spectacles totally hit the nail on the head with their designs. The model did a pretty rad job too.

Alright, so maybe I’m not exactly cut out to wear some groovy swim trunks, but I love these designs so much I might go and find a bikini with a similar pattern. There’s everything from chevron, stripes, leaves, and racecars.

I’ve never encountered a man wearing a mesh tank. Unless you count Matt Dillon in Little Darlings, but I’ve never seen a man in person. I’m not exactly opposed to a man rocking a mesh tank. It’s 2016 and we’ve seen some things. Females have been sporting these for a while, but I might opt for a looser one overtop of a pretty nifty bra if I come across one.

Loose summer pants are a heck yes from me! There is nothing I hate more than wearing actual pants in the summer and if I have to I would like them to be loose and flowy. Mick Jagger was known to rock his fair share of loose pants and I’m happy to say that this is a bandwagon I’d be proud to jump on.

Silk shirts are real and I’m dying for one. Probably to wear with my loose summer pants. GQ tells us to “embrace the drape” and I will most definitely do that. What does it feel like to have a glorious silk shirt hanging on your body? Sebastian Stan knows and I want to find out. Sure, the upkeep and cleaning process for a shirt like this is extensive, but let’s be real it’s totally worth it.

15. GQ Sebastian Stan

I love sneakers. I would have a billion pairs if I could, but I can’t and I’m upset. Sneakers are most certainly not just for guys, but the inspiration I’m getting from some of these is off the charts. I need a good pop of color (white) in my life if all I wear is black, leather and denim.

16. GQ Sneakers

That’s not all 10 of the summer essentials, but I picked out my favorites for you and hopefully you’ll get as much inspiration from them as I did.

Patriotic Weekend

Happy belated Fourth of July everyone! No worries, I was all over social media the past two days celebrating our glorious independence. So much so, that I figured I’d give you guys a small look into my red, white and blue weekend.

Sunday I took to the likes of my favorite female badass, Peggy Carter, for my outfit inspiration. Okay, so I know she wasn’t rocking a motorcycle jacket in the 1940s, but I went with the color scheme and put my own modern twist on it. I think pin curls are a definite new fav.


Monday I went all out, once again, but this time I took inspiration from another badass Marvel character. Steve Rogers AKA Captain America. I’ve had this tee for a while, but I bought my dad a matching one for his birthday last month. The shield was his idea. Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

Ciao Italia!

I’m finally getting over my jet lag, and I’m finally getting over my double ear infection. I had the time of my life visiting my family in Italy and being able to attend a family reunion. If I went into all the details, this post would be pages long but I hope you enjoy these photos and feel free to comment/ask away.

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Pizza. Pirates. Pittsburgh.

It’s been forever and a day since I’ve posted and I’m finally on summer vacation now. This has absolutely nothing to do with fashion, but I really want to tell you guys about the day I had yesterday. I’m not writing this post to brag in any way, but I’m just really excited about it. For those of you who don’t know, my family owns a pizza shop in our town. Because of a family friend I had the opportunity to deliver pizzas to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Naturally I was over the moon, but I didn’t get my hopes up because I had no idea what to expect. The staff knew I was coming and whenever I arrived I had to get a guest pass from the main desk. (So official!)

The next thing I knew I was walking down a tunnel past the visitors locker room on my way to the Pirates locker room. (I did see some Arizona Diamondbacks on my walk.) Since I was going to the game later that night I wore my Cervelli t-shirt all day. I truly didn’t expect to meet any of the guys let alone Francisco, but when I rounded the next corner who was leaning up against a golf cart? None other than Francisco Cervelli. Here I am carrying three pizzas in my hands and our family friend pulls me over to introduce us. Francisco, meet Francesca. He held his hand out for me to shake and this is when I thought ‘Oh my god Im going to drop all of these pizzas in front of him. I shook his hand and said I was happy to meet him. Most people respond with an, “It’s nice to meet you too.” Not Francisco. Nope, he responds with, “My pleasure.” The pleasure was all mine Francisco, believe me.

Continuing my walk down the long tunnel I came to a door labeled ‘X-Ray’. Well we couldn’t go through there because someone was getting a massage. So we went through the locker room. Yeah, the locker room designed for a bunch of major league baseball players. While I was waiting outside to be let in a man walked past me and into the locker room. I looked over and it happened to be Gregory Polanco. The room is huge, and I’m pretty sure there were more rooms than I saw. I was led back to this room where a bunch of medical things were set up. I met all of the medical trainers first and then some of the Pirates rolled in. I turned my head for one second and the next thing I knew I’m face to face with David Freese. You know, for as nervous as I thought I was going to be, I wasn’t.

I guess someone told the Pirates that I was coming to bring pizza a day in advance because I was standing in the corner of the room and I hear, “Is Francesca here?” Jared Hughes walks right over to me and I’m still in shock that he asked for me by name and rememberd it from the day before. He was super lovely, and asked me a bunch of questions about my family and the business. He thanked me a number of times and said he was going to get me an autographed ball. (I truly wasn’t expecting anything, by this point I’m like a giddy five year old.) Sure enough, he comes back with a ball and Mark Melancon. If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen my tweet about the time I saw Mark at WalMart. The entire time he was talking to me I had to refrain myself from asking him how he liked his new vacuum.

I was in the room for about an hour. As time went on I got to meet Gerrit Cole who is a lively baseball fan, I will add. The Cardinals vs. Cubs game was on in the room and he became quite vocal. John Jaso was the one getting the massage I mentioned earlier and when he was finished he came over to meet me before getting ready for the game. (His dreads are way cooler in person too.)

Jared Hughes came back in one more time to say goodbye to me and to thank me. He noticed my shirt and said he was going to try to find Cervelli. I thanked him numerous times for the ball and for being so generous. A few minutes later Cervelli came into the room with a sharpie asking if I wanted my shirt signed. Obviously! I am incredibly ticklish so the minute the sharpie hit my back I had to use all of strength to stay put. If I had only one chance that day to ask someone for a picture, it was going to be him. Thankfully I mustered up enough courage and made it happen. I honestly can’t think of a way to beat this day and I’m never going to forget it for as long as I live.

FranciscoFrancisco 2BallBall 2Ball 3

Leggings and a tee? Now that’s amore.

I love my go to leggings and tee when I don’t feel like getting properly dressed. I know I’m not the only one. So, today, I decided why not dress them up a bit. I opted for a denim jacket and ankle booties as opposed to my typical Adidas kicks and a crewneck. Comfortable and chic? Every college girls’ dream. The semester is almost over, it’s baseball season, and all I want to do is be home for the summer spending all my free time at PNC Park (with my favorite catcher and center fielder). Until then I guess I’ll wear my  Pittsburgh Pirate tees as often as I can and live vicariously through the televised games.456781217 Portrait