Wedding Weekend

It has been ages!! I went to a wedding on Saturday and I have to tell you guys my “adventures” in dress shopping. Honestly there is nothing more annoying than shopping for a dress as a wedding guest. Well, to me anyway. I have such a picky sense of style when it comes to dresses that I get frustrated so easily. I found a maroon slip dress that I was all over when I thought about pairing it with something furry overtop and a black velvet choker. Well, that idea went out the window when I couldn’t find ANYTHING furry to put overtop of it. Then, I bought a dress from Nordstrom Rack and a jumpsuit from Zara online. I couldn’t zip the dress up (thanks boobs…) and the jumpsuit zipped up but it was too tight in the chest (once again, thanks boobs…) Let me preface that I did all of this shopping weeks before the wedding and Friday afternoon, the day before the wedding, I went out and found an entirely new dress. I contemplated shortening it, but when I brought it home and tried it on with my shoes and jewelry I knew I had to keep it long.

So, here is the final look that you might have seen on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr…anywhere really because I’m too in love with this dress.



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