Pins and Patches

If you were expecting a serious blog post today, this isn’t it (I definitely wasn’t focused today). I do however, want to shine a little spotlight on my denim jacket that I’ve been working on. If you know anything about me then you know that denim is my second skin. I have four denim jackets and counting. All of them are a different shade and all of them serve a different purpose. When I bought this one, I got more of a grungey (is that even a word) vibe and I decided that I wanted to fill it with pins and patches of my favorite things. This past summer that’s exactly what I did. Some of my favorites are the Pittsburgh Pirate pins I recently acquired and the patches on my arms. My left arm is an ode to the Winter Soldier and my right arm is an ode to 1940s Bucky Barnes. (SWOON WORTHY) Definitely expect more posts featuring this jacket as I add to it and show you guys my favorite ways to style it.



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