Summer Style: Men’s GQ Edition

This past month I decided to pick up the summer edition of GQ Style. Yeah, sure it’s a men’s magazine, but I often find myself drawn to the men’s section of stores anyway. Bonus! This month I found myself drawn to Sebastian Stan in a silk shirt. That’s another story though. Personally, I’m all for mixing around men’s and women’s clothing in one outfit. I’m not one for wearing a consistently tight ensemble. If I had a choice I’d wear black jeans, a white tee and a black leather jacket every single day.

I came across a section that featured some essential summer trends and needless to say I fell in love with just about all of them. The first being luggage. I’m a lover of travelling and my Longchamp tote has been a trusty sidekick of mine for years now. I’m always up for some new carry on pieces and thanks to Hermes, Tod’s and Berluti I’m inspired to plan another trip. Of course, they’re way out of my price range, but no one is stopping me from finding some rad knockoffs

Designer approved sunglasses? Yes, please! Sebastian Stan modelling those sunglasses? Bring it on! No, but seriously you guys these sunglasses are to die for. Tom Ford, Dior Homme and Paul Smith Spectacles totally hit the nail on the head with their designs. The model did a pretty rad job too.

Alright, so maybe I’m not exactly cut out to wear some groovy swim trunks, but I love these designs so much I might go and find a bikini with a similar pattern. There’s everything from chevron, stripes, leaves, and racecars.

I’ve never encountered a man wearing a mesh tank. Unless you count Matt Dillon in Little Darlings, but I’ve never seen a man in person. I’m not exactly opposed to a man rocking a mesh tank. It’s 2016 and we’ve seen some things. Females have been sporting these for a while, but I might opt for a looser one overtop of a pretty nifty bra if I come across one.

Loose summer pants are a heck yes from me! There is nothing I hate more than wearing actual pants in the summer and if I have to I would like them to be loose and flowy. Mick Jagger was known to rock his fair share of loose pants and I’m happy to say that this is a bandwagon I’d be proud to jump on.

Silk shirts are real and I’m dying for one. Probably to wear with my loose summer pants. GQ tells us to “embrace the drape” and I will most definitely do that. What does it feel like to have a glorious silk shirt hanging on your body? Sebastian Stan knows and I want to find out. Sure, the upkeep and cleaning process for a shirt like this is extensive, but let’s be real it’s totally worth it.

15. GQ Sebastian Stan

I love sneakers. I would have a billion pairs if I could, but I can’t and I’m upset. Sneakers are most certainly not just for guys, but the inspiration I’m getting from some of these is off the charts. I need a good pop of color (white) in my life if all I wear is black, leather and denim.

16. GQ Sneakers

That’s not all 10 of the summer essentials, but I picked out my favorites for you and hopefully you’ll get as much inspiration from them as I did.


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