Disney Domination

Disney has sure made its mark on inspiring people of all ages. Last night, whether or not they were aware, Disney played a part in dressing some of Hollywood’s finest as they graced the Oscars red carpet.

Alicia Vikander in a gold Louis Vuitton number resembled Belle’s golden ball gown.


“Brooklyn” actress Saoirse Ronan requested a green gown in order to pay homage to her home country of Ireland which led to her resemblance of Merida from “Brave.” MeridaSaoirse

My mind went straight to Giselle’s homemade curtain dress popularized in the movie “Enchanted” when I saw Cate Blanchett.GiselleCate

Mulan’s embroidered green dress might have played a role in the dressing off Amy Poehler last night.AmyMulan

Heidi Klum’s Versace ensemble helped me to see a minor Rapunzel inspiration. HeidiRapunzel

Daisy Ridley’s Chanel Haute Couture dress caught my eye as a resemblance to one of the lesser-known dresses of Ariel.DaisyAriel

Did you notice any other Disney doppelgangers on the red carpet?


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