And the Oscar Goes To…

IMG_1386.JPGWhat would a young, 20 year old, Leonardo DiCaprio have to say to himself now? Congratulations, perhaps? I think I can speak for just about everyone when I say Leonardo’s first Oscar win was well deserved and well overdue. Speaking as a Leo superfan I have seen his movies multiple times and believe that his Oscar should have come long ago – try 1994. Anyway, that’s in the past and he’s incredibly blessed with one now. While most people were over the moon there was a number of people – fans included – who hated to part with the jokes regarding his lack of Oscars. I’ll admit I found them quite hilarious, but I always believed in him. It’s a known fact that the Oscar for best actor comes just before the last Oscar is given out. You can guess it, I was sat on my couch eating away my nerves with a small tub of ice cream rocking my “TEAM DICAPRIO” crewneck – thank you Jawbreaking. Alas, the time came and Julianne Moore took the stage to announce the winner. I had already psyched myself into believing that he had won, so if he hadn’t won I honestly don’t know what I would have done. I can’t imagine the award going to someone who didn’t sleep inside an animal carcass. That’s dedication! Thankfully his name was announced and I let a few stray tears slip away. I was so proud in that moment to be able to say that he was the first actor I ever idolized. The past 13 years of my life have been spent watching and waiting for his movies and to see him finally accept an award he has been so deserving of is an awe-inspiring moment.


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