In Defense Of The Cell Phone

If you’re someone who has parent(s) like I do that get on your case about cell phones then continue reading.

“You’re always on that phone?”

“Who are you snap chatting/texting?”

“Can you put that down for five minutes?”

It seems that I cannot be on my phone sharing a photo with my friends or scrolling through Instagram without my mum constantly nagging on me. (Please don’t take the wrong impression of her.) My mum is absolutely incredible, but she seems to be a little old fashioned when it comes to technology. Maybe it’s because she’s not too tech savvy or she just doesn’t understand it.

Sure, there’s a list of reasons why cell phones are harmful to social interaction and your safety, but there are still so many advantages and beauties to social media and cell phones.

  1. TALK to your family at the dinner table.
  2. DO NOT scroll and walk along sidewalks or across the street.
  3. BE AWARE or your surroundings in case of danger.
  4. PLEASE do not use your phone while in a movie. It does bother people.
  5. ONE ON ONE conversations do not appreciate a wandering eye to the small screen.
  6. DATES should NOT be a place to text your mates about a funny meme you just saw.
  7. CALL your grandparents and parents if you’re away from home

Haven’t any of you seen the video of a woman falling into a fountain because she was too busy texting?

Today’s generation is so consumed by social media and everything being right at your fingertips. Let me just take you through my typical day in social media. A day when I’m at home and not at school. I’ll wake up and immediately turn my alarm off. There, the first minute I’m awake I’ve touched my phone. While it’s in my hand I scroll around and check my notifications. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc. When I’m getting ready in the morning Spotify or iTunes is on full volume. Right before I get dressed I’ll check my online boards for some outfit inspiration. In the first two hours that I am awake I’ve used my phone a decent amount. Take into consideration that I’m not having idle chatter with anyone or ignoring any responsibilities. If I’m out at a restaurant with friends or family my phone will be out on the table. I DO NOT think it polite of people to scroll through and text the entirety of the meal but I do indulge in taking a photograph of my food or a selfie with my friend. There’s no harm in that. I just want to remember. When the evening rolls around if I’m lounging on my couch watching some mindless television I will occasionally pick up my phone and scroll. I even find things sometimes that are worthy enough to share with my parents. I look at my phone when I’m bored, not because I want an excuse out. I take pictures and videos to remember things I love and don’t want to forget.

I like seeing when people get married or have kids. Yeah, I’m going to scroll through your pictures on Facebook. You went to see Imagine Dragons in concert? So did I, I’m going to double tap your picture. No offense, but I’m not going to call you up on the phone to see how the past six months of your life has been. If I have been liking your pictures and viewing your snapchat stories then I think I already know. If I call you or see you in person it’s going to give us a chance to talk about more important things besides small talk. I can guarantee half of your parents ditched a home phone when cell phones were popularized, and thanks to email your parents probably don’t call people as much as they used to either.

To anyone who feels some teens are losing touch with the outside world or with people in general I have just a few things to say to conclude;

  • The text message I’m sending right now is to one of my friends whom I haven’t spoken with in a while and would like to reconnect with.
  • The picture I just took of myself on snapchat I’m sending to my best friend to make her laugh because she’s had a rough day.
  • The tweet I just retweeted was David Bowie’s last known picture taken.
  • The Instagram I just posted is a birthday message to my roommate whom I haven’t seen since December.
  • The hashtag I just clicked on linked me to thousands of other people who share the same interests with me.
  • I’m laughing at my screen because this Vine I just watched was hilarious and I want to share it with you.
  • I blog to reach an audience and inspire.
  • I took a photo of this view I’ve been staring at so that I can save it or share it with someone else who’d like to see it.
  • That FaceTime call that I’ve been MIA for was to my friend who lives in Italy that I can only communicate with on certain occasions.
  • Social media opens up so many  job opportunities when it comes to blogging, YouTube, online interviews etc,.

Don’t be guilted away from enjoying a snapchat story or vine. Share that Buzzfeed post that made you smile with your 500 other Facebook friends. Watch videos of cats on youtube. Post your selfies on Instagram. I’ve connected with and met so many people through social media because of common interests. I still do the exact same things that my parents and grandparents used to do. I talk to my friends, share photo albums, and catch up with old friends. My ways are just slightly different and that’s okay. Times and generations are changing and evolving.


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