Jolly Holiday

Today marks one week since I’ve left for Disney and let me just say It feels like yesterday I was waking up at three AM to catch a 6:30 flight. I know I go every year but it seems like each time I go I get more and more excited and I try different things. I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos with you guys. Apologies now for the excess amounts of Star Was photos. In a nutshell I ate everywhere from Germany, Italy, France and the UK. I traveled to a galaxy far far away and may or may not have sailed the seven seas with Captain Jack Sparrow three or more times.IMG_9420IMG_9422IMG_9442IMG_9445IMG_9462IMG_9508IMG_9510IMG_9518IMG_9522IMG_9534IMG_9538IMG_9560IMG_9568IMG_9573IMG_9580IMG_9583IMG_9589IMG_9590IMG_9595IMG_9596IMG_9601IMG_9602IMG_9606IMG_9612IMG_9625IMG_9630IMG_9633IMG_9640IMG_9641IMG_9648IMG_9658IMG_9660


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