Bleach Babe

11214306_1071664799518557_5989912029345910423_n12249788_1069049653113405_5493392102816870925_nIncredibly sorry for my lack of posting since Halloween. Finals week is almost upon me and now that I’m on Thanksgiving break I finally had a bit of down time. Last Tuesday I decided (on a whim) that I was gonna color my ombreย purple. I’d been wanting to do it for quite some time now and that night I turned to my house mates and told them it was going to happen. Turns out I didn’t have any gloves so I had to drive over to CVS an buy a pack ($8.00 for a pack was mighty expensive but I paid the price for beauty) I was really inspired by the likes of Lou Teasdale, the whole lot of BLEACH London, and Gemma Styles for my pastel desires, but I never expected my parents to message me a big fat ‘Yes.’ when I asked them if I could actually go through with it. Bottle said I had to have clean and dry hair. I washed it super quick and dried the ends. The whole time my roommate was sat on the couch uttering her nerves and I was standing in front of the mirror with purple dye covering her fingers not even thinking about the end result. Turns out I couldn’t reach a good bit of my hair due to the combination of the smallest bathroom imaginable and not being able to see behind my head. Thankfully H (that’s my roommate) offered to be my stylist for the night and I left her to the mop of hair on my head. I wasn’t worried knowing that it was all temporary and the purple would only catch on the blonde. I don’t know if you remember but I did this before with a blue color and it didn’t catch. My blonde wasn’t bright enough. When I did it this time I had that in my mind and decided to leave the color on for longer than the recommended 20 minutes. 35 or so minutes passed and I decided it was time to wash it out. I noticed the purple on my wet hair and as I began to dry it the color really started to show. I was so happy with my result by the time my whole head was dry. The next day, in my first class, no one noticed. I don’t talk to very many people in that class so I wasn’t surprised. My last two classes were my fashion classes and I got way more of a response there. Needless to say I’m now thinking of the next color I want to try out and this one isn’t even washed out yet.


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