Ugh I can’t believe Halloween is already over. I spent quite some time planning my costume, changing it, and then re-planning it. I didn’t really purchase anything new except for the accessories. Everything was from my own closet except for the white shirt – that was my dad’s. Oh and the brown shirt I had on was from my senior musical costume. I got all of the accessories from Claire’s and the makeup was all my own. My hair took ages considering I have so much and I had to tease and twist in super small sections so my dreads would stay. It was quite a process brushing them out the next day and I had to shampoo three times to wash all the hairspray and sea salt spray out. I got so many compliments on my costume and I have to say I was really happy with the turnout. I went to the same party I attended last year and it was just as fun. (Except I don’t think Stage AE knows what air conditioning is.) For the longest time I felt some guy staring at me and talking to the girl next to him. Finally the girl asked me what my costume was and the guy turned to me and asked if I was Jack Sparrow. When I said yes he turned to his friend and said “I told you so!” Bit odd considering I ended up standing in front of him the whole night. Overall I had so much fun Saturday night and needless to say I’m already brainstorming next year’s costume.


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