This is my Revival

“What I’ve learned is so vital. More than just survival, this is my revival.”


With the release of Selena Gomez’s new album “Revival” she asked her fans to tell their #REVIVALStory and I thought for a long time what I wanted to do and I thought I’d share mine here with you guys first. I don’t necessarily have a life altering, tear jerking story that’s going to give you a whole new impression of me, but it’s more of a ‘coming of age’ tale for you to sip some tea and sink your teeth into. When I was 11 I had no idea whatsoever of where my life would take me. That is until Wizards of Waverly Place first aired on the Disney Channel. From that moment on I idolized Selena Gomez. She became such an inspiration and a role model to me. I may or may not have been too similar to Alex Russo that my parents started to worry. As an 11 year old I was very impressionable. Selena and her character helped me to become more of an individual (as individual as an 11 year old can be). Because of Alex I started to experiment more with fashion and my love for it grew even more. Sure, I got some odd looks and comments because I may have worn leg warmers as arm warmers like Alex did in the Quinceanera episode, but I thought that was cool and so did Selena. When Princess Protection Program aired my tastes had changed and Selena’s character Carter took on a much more relaxed attire. I had a small fangirl moment when I looked in my closet and realized that I had an incredibly similar if not exact tank top to the fuchsia floral one Carter wore. Oh and you bet I rocked the severe side part for quite a few years. Some years later the release of Ramona and Beezus had me itching that I could finally wear my argyle cardigan Beezus rocks on the walk home from school with Henry Higgins. Monte Carlo was a different story. I think I was in 8th or 9th grade and my best friend and I decided that when we graduated high school we’d go to Paris just like Grace did. I’m in my second year of college and that never happened. That doesn’t mean we didn’t try and save money in a glass jar like Grace’s Paris fund at the diner. Apart from Selena’s characters Selena herself definitely shaped me into the person I am to this day. The bob hairstyle I had in my sophomore year of high school was inspired by her during the Halloween episodes of WOWP. (That was just a horrible idea, I’ll admit it).

Her music was definitely a twist for me. Like Selena, I have somewhat of a deeper voice and it was something I was always insecure about when I heard it recorded. I felt a connection with her and her style of music. I was able to sing it! I felt better about having a deeper register because now I had a purpose for it. There are times now when I start to doubt it, but I’ll always play the music to remind myself. Selena’s 21st birthday inspired the idea for my 18th. I went back and forth choosing themes and I was inspired by her album Stars Dance so I changed my garage into a makeshift nightclub and improvised. You’d be surprised how much I found out about myself because of Selena. She made me want to be a better person and I can’t thank her enough for that. All of this helped me realize the two most important things in my life; fashion and music. I grew the confidence to audition for my school’s musicals and to be able to dress how I want and disregarding the thoughts of others. I could go on for days about Selena and her impact on my life, but this is the condensed version and I hope you enjoyed.


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