Babes Love Brunch

It’s Monday and I’m mentally rewinding to Friday night when my main concern was what time Chick Fil A closed. (I made it in time. No worries.) Now I’m sitting at my desk focusing on this post while there are three other books surrounding me. They’re open to various pages and they’re all taunting me because I despise homework just as much as the next person. Anywayyyyyyyyyyy today is one of the first days where it hasn’t been tantalizingly hot or brutally rainy up here and I was more than happy to break out my trusty black skinnies, Adidas sneaks, my new Topshop graphic and yes, my baby, my pride and joy of a leather jacket. Some might say I’m jumping the gun a bit but let’s face it; September is here and so is everything fall. Why not treat the weather like it’s officially fall too?


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