Day n Night Dungarees

Super excited to post this for you guys today. It’s my first collaboration with another independent artist. Her and I met through Twitter and we have so much in common so instantly we became friends. Through talking we decided that it would be fun to do a collaboration. Lou Teasdale is such a big inspiration for her and I really admire her as well. I tried to channel Lou as much as I could for my outfit and Marie supplied the makeup tutorials. For the day look I kept it pretty casual. The black dungarees were my main focus. I wanted to play them down for the day and play them up for the night. A simple white muscle tank was all I had on under and I finished the outfit off with my new Adidas Originals Superstars. My hair I kept in a loose braid since I knew I wanted loose waves for the night look. The daytime makeup was probably one of my absolute favs because it was very similar to my everyday makeup. Marie gave me step by step directions starting with a bb cream as a base. I didn’t have a bb cream so I just used my tinted moisturizer. I powdered my face and bronzed my cheekbones. For my eyes I filled in my brows and used a light pinkish brown shadow from my Naked 2 palate, curled my lashes and then gave myself spider lashes which you can learn to do here. My lips are just done up with some pink tinted lip balm. Transitioning to the night time look was quite easy. Being on the go all the time it’s tedious to rethink your whole makeup hair and outfit in a small amount of time. I switched out my muscle tank for a short sleeved blouse and my Adidas trainers became platform sandals. The loose braid I had kept my hair nice and wavy and my makeup was already waiting to be touched up. I added some more dark brown shadows to give it a subtle smoky feel, a touch of liner to my eyelid, and I swapped my lip balm for an orange-y lipstick. Massive thanks to Marie! You’re super talented and I want to work with you in person one day. I had so much fun planning this with you. Go on, check her out and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr


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