Revamped and Recycled

Helloooo! I hope you’re uber excited for Saturday just like I am. Apologies for my incredibly bubbly disposition today. I think I’m still on concert adrenaline from Shania Twain last night, or maybe I’m just lacking sleep and on the verge of insanity. You’re probably recognizing this jacket from various posts but NEWSFLASH I own a washing machine and I only have one denim jacket. I’ve actually been asked this quite a few times on why I revamp old pieces instead of just buying new ones. It’s shocking! Honestly my first reaction was to drop my jaw and raise a brow. Yeah I’d love to have tons of clothes and a new outfit for every single day of the year, but hello here’s reality hitting you like a truck. I’m going to be 19, I have an incredibly part time job, school, and other things to buy besides clothes I wish I could afford. Sure, I splurge every once in a while. Who doesn’t? Plus I like my clothes. I wear what I feel comfortable in and what my body feels comfortable in. One day I could be one of those bloggers with closets full of clothes, who knows? I am always going to be true to my style though. Right now I like being able to represent fashion and affordability in the same sentence.


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