Manic Monday

Normally, as a student, I absolutely dreaded waking up on a Monday morning after having a busy weekend. Even if I didn’t have an 8am class I somehow always ended up waking up before my alarm and found it impossible to rest again. During the summer I’m absolutely indifferent to each day of the week. I love them all equally. I’m also not one of those people who relies on coffee to fuel their day. Honestly, I haven’t had a cup of coffee since I was in Italy in 2012. I don’t need to rely on it for my day (sorry to all I have just offended who need coffee just to check their morning emails) So on this Monday I found myself waking up at 9am which is a pretty reasonable time if you ask me. (I wasn’t going to sleep in until noon nor was I going to start my day at 7am.) It had been about six days since I saw my best friend, and if you knew how often we saw each other you’d understand why that was such a long time. I had texted her devastated about the loss of my pictures so she offered to drive all over with me to collect some new ones. We did get caught in the rain because apparently Pennsylvania and London decided to switch weather. (Once again, I’m not complaining because I love the cooler weather) In the midst of some rain showers we managed to discover some new photographable spots. This outfit being the first of many that we shot.


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