UNDO Laces Campaign

Hello! If you wear shoes and like to save the environment this article is just for you!  UNDO Labs is based out of New York and Istanbul with a goal to “redesign simple products in an innovative way and offer a carbon offset mechanism through which users of our products can “undo” the environmental damage created by some of the items they use.” Their first product is shoelaces but they’ve put a very interesting twist on them. Why a shoelace? Shoelaces are one of the many items that damages the environment significantly. When you buy an UNDO lace the company will purchase a “carbon offset credit from a wind energy, solar energy or reforestation project on your behalf.” Along with being a great asset to helping the environment, these laces are awfully functional and stylish. These are much easier to install and use on your shoes compared the damaging thick laces and plastic aglets. These come in various colors, styles, and sizes suitable for any shoe you prefer a little lace action on. So far the prototypes for this product have been recognized and loved by the NYC Design Junction and Wanted Design in NYC.  “Our goal with this campaign is to raise enough capital to start distributing our product to more like-minded people around the globe!” Personally I’m quite excited to get my hands on a set of these laces in the near future and I encourage you to get on board with them as well. You can donate to their KICKSTARTER campaign, but if you can’t donate then please share this and get involved with some rad laces and helping the environment.
UNDO undo2 undo3 undo4


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