The Craft

The Craft

This is a late and long over due post. Which I apologise for. The day this book was released it was delivered to my house since I had preordered it. I was so excited to sink my teeth into a new read. This book was not at all what I thought it was going to be. I LOVED IT! This book has actually inspired me to change up my look a bit. I’ve started to buy Bleach London products. At the top of the book there is a tagline that reads “25 ALTERNATIVE BEAUTY LOOKS” that is no understatement. The first thirty or so pages are all about hair. Color, Style, and accessories. New ways to plait your hair and style your hair for lasting style can be found on these pages. After that section it goes to makeup and beauty. My favorite in that section is the foundation page where Lou tells you how to use a tinted moisturizer. I personally love a good tinted moisturizer. “HOW TO FAKE TAN PROPERLY” is another page that comes in quite handy and one that I found quite informational.Β  Also featured in the beauty section are tips for mascara, lashes, and types of brushes for the perfect look.Β  I whole heartedly recommend picking up a copy of this book. It’s reasonably priced and well worth it. It’s a smart choice if you’re looking to change up your look, after all…nothing inΒ this book you try is permanent (except for tattoos).


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